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DeckRite Plank

Over the years the function of Toy Hauler ramps has evolved to include using them as exterior decks. The DeckRite Plank product was created for applications on these exterior decks and ramps. Plank delivers a realistic wood look for these installations and at the same time provides the slip resistance and durability you would expect from a more industrial looking product. DeckRite Plank reflects a more relaxing setting and truly makes you feel right at home enjoying the comfort of your deck. It provides a cozy atmosphere for entertaining or a restful, cozy escape for a midday siesta.

DeckRite Plank is available in either Gray or Brown. It is manufactured 102” wide with standard size rolls 102’ long (shorter rolls are available through retailers). The DeckRite Plank is constructed with 80 mils of virgin PVC laminated to an 80-gram non-woven polyester backing.

In addition to use on decks and ramps, the DeckRite Plank is also used on the garage floor of Toy Haulers. Using the Plank on the garage floor in conjunction with using it on the deck or ramp provides a continuous, uninterrupted flow of design that RV designers desire and strive for. The continuity of using the same material helps create the illusion of more space. Using the same design throughout also gives the impression things were well planned, not an afterthought.

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