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Does DeckRite RV provide flooring products for various RV applications?
Yes. Depending on the application project you have, DeckRite RV likely has a product to meet your needs. Shield RV is great for more rugged applications that may require optimal slip resistance. DeckRite Plank is ideal for ramps, decks and inside toy hauler garages. The DeckRite Ultra products give the living areas of your RV a look and feel few can compare with.

Are DeckRite RV products available to the public?
Yes. Call DeckRite toll free (888) 450-3325 for a current list of retailers.

Do DeckRite RV products require excessive maintenance?
No. 99% of the maintenance requirements are very low and can be handle with a broom or possibly a wet mop. Cleaning requires the same effort you might use to clean a kitchen floor. If the clean-up requires a more aggressive approach, chances are it will still be quick and easy. Contact DeckRite for recommendations on tough clean-up projects.

Do you need a qualified installer to apply the Product?
No. Installing DeckRite RV products is simple and straight forward. There are no unique tools required for the installation. Tools required are a utility knife, straight edge, measuring tape and a paint roller and handle.

Is there any seaming requirements for the DeckRite RV product?
No. The Deckrite RV products are manufactured 102” wide which should be wide enough to eliminate the need for seaming in any RV application.